sâmbătă, 27 septembrie 2008


I've started reading about Agile Methodologies. I thought I knew all the stories. Man was I wrong. There is a lot more to Agile than what I thought.

Right now I'm struggling with Velocity and assigning points to user stories. Well I'll find the solution maybe when it's not so late :D.

For the moment I found this really cool post here. If you're interested in increasing your team's speed I urge you to have a look at Agile and learn it.

As usual I'm learning by myself, university keeps disappointing me in this. For our collective project they asked us to use Agile and TDD. LOL - that was a nice. I ended up writing most of it myself. I won't do that never again! ( I hope :-s ).

As usual I continue to babble and I like having a conclusion to what I'm pointing towards ( just in case I haven't already ). So give codesqueez a try for some examples of applied agile.

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