marți, 19 august 2008

WTF is wrong with Alt.NET

I was going to visit today. After reading the introduction, very excited I was trying to log in using my blogspot openid.

Surprise "You must use an OpenID persona that specifies a valid email address."

My mind was WTF!!! of course. I've used this in an ever growing number of websites without having problems.

I've seen that I had problems using it on Scott Hanselman's blog also. I'm curios what the reason could be. :(

3 comentarii:

Lyynx spunea...

Did you ever sort this out? I'm getting the same thing.

Robert Waters spunea...

You need to set up an openid 'persona' with a valid email address and something in the first and last name fields.

mattyboy spunea...

Thanks Robert, that fixed it for me.